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Testimonial: Pawtrans

Aug 27, 2023 | News

pawtrans, automatic tyre inflation

Testimonials and feedback from our customers play a pivotal role in shaping our business’s reputation and success. These valuable insights provide first hand accounts of how our products or services have positively impacted individuals or businesses.

pawtrans, celerity drs, psi, automatic tyre inflation

In this testimonial, Pawtrans, a company specialising in the design and manufacturing of tanks specifically tailored for the transport of food products, shares their experience with the PSI Automatic Tyre Inflation System and its invaluable support for their fleet.

What’s your company background?
The leader on the European market in the transport of liquid food products in tanks. Number of tanks 260.

What problem were you trying to solve?
The problem for us was the system and supervision of tire pressure in our tanks and tractors, which has a significant impact on fuel consumption, safety and tire life.

How was the problem affecting you?
The main reason was the need to reduce fuel consumption and tire failure on the road.

What possible solutions did you consider?
Previously, we were looking for a solution by periodically checking the pressure at service points, because the driver was not reliable.

Why did you choose our product or service?
The use of your product guarantees the correct pressure in the wheels, excluding the participation of the driver and third parties. This happens automatically.

What would have happened if you had not made the purchase?
I would still use human resources to control the pressures at certain intervals of time, which still does not guarantee that the pressure in the tires will be kept constant between inspections.

What risks did you consider?
The only concern with the use of the system was the concern about possible system failures. The product was new for us – unknown.

What reservations did you have?
I was convinced of the purchase by the presentation of the system and its construction by a sales representative at the technical fair in Munich a few years ago.

What measurable benefits have you seen?
Exactly as you write, I have a guarantee of constant pressure at the right level and without the need for periodic checks and replenishing this pressure periodically. The human factor is off. I save fuel, tires, I have
definitely fewer breakdowns on the road.

What advice or recommendation would you give to the PSI-system?
There is no pressure gauge (in a visible place on the housing) showing the value of the pressure maintained.

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