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Average annual distance based on the statistics of the KBA. (source details)

Average fuel consumption based on the statistics of the UK GOV. (source details)

Average fuel price based on the statistics of the AA. (source details)

Fuel economy of fleets fitted with the system in the US have found at least a 1,4 % reduction in fuel cost annually.

Around 25 % of Tyres in a fleet have a underinflation of min. 10 %. Furthermore, around 5 % of them have a underinflation of more than 20 %. 10 % underinflation leads to a reduced tyre life of around 10 % and 20 % underinflation leads to a reduced tire life of 25 %. In this ROI-Calculator we work with an reduced tyre life of 10 %. Source: Bridgestone (source details)

Information from Workshops.

The ADAC recommends to check all 14 days the Tyre pressure. (source details)

P.S.I. recommeds tire checking only 1-2 times per year once the System is installed.

Average roadcall costs based on the statistics of the FTA. (source details)

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