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R141 Compliancy Update

This document is stating the point of view from Celerity DRS on the upcoming legislation UN ECE R141 around ‘TPMS’. The name of the UN ECE R141-regulation is called ‘TPMS’ and is confusing since it contains the 3 types of monitoring: TPMS, TPRS and CTIS. For the easiness of reading and in order not to make things too complicated we left CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation Systems) out of the overview.

In summary:

  • The UN ECE R141 legislation was introduced on 2009 and after a series of updates we are currently at the Revision 29 of 24th February 2021.
  • The current R141-regulation is displayed in several languages on the UN ECE website.
    • According this Revision 29 of 24th of February 2021 on:
      • 6th of July 2022 there needs to be a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and/or TPRS (Tyre Pressure Refill System) solution fitted to any new trailer type entering the European market (Type O3 & O4).
      • 7th of July 2024 there needs to be a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and/or TPRS (Tyre Pressure Refill System) solution fitted to any all new registered trailers entering the European market (Type O3 & O4).
      • With this keep in mind that Individual approvals are not the same as a type approvals and that individual approvals are excluded till the 7th of July 2024.
    • The current ATIS of Celerity DRS is compliant to Revision 29 of 24th of February 2021.
  • Requirements of the UN ECE R141 TPMS compliance will be changed with an updated Revision 30 which will come into force somewhere in the beginning of 2023. The exact date of publishing the new text is not secured yet.
    • The text of this revision has already been approved but it needs to be published accordingly (website UN ECE) and needs to be available in all languages as it is now with R141-Revision 29. We expect this to happen in early 2023.
  • To our knowledge no existing TPMS or TPRS systems have been confirmed as compliant to R141-Revision 30.
  • In order to meet compliance on Revision 30, changes need to be made to new sold EBS-systems on the market, allowing third parties to change parameters of the CANBUS on the EBS-modules of the different suppliers. So with every application of a new type approval for a trailer the EBS needs to be compliant as well.
  • At the 7th of July 2024 all new registered trailers in the EU need to have a R141-Revision 30 compliant TPMS or TPRS system installed. Trailers that has been sold before do not have to meet this compliancy. In addition, by then, as well all EBS-modules need to be able to receive 3rd party information and put this information on the CANBUS in order to meet the R141-regulation Revision 30.

This text is not legally binding

* For official communication please consult the UN ECE Website.

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