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Pump up profitability with Automatic Tyre Inflation

Mar 11, 2024 | News

Automatic tyre inflation, Celerity DRS.

Any solution that increases uptime and cuts down on maintenance expenses is a welcome development for businesses in the waste and metal recycling sector. The PSI Automatic Tyre Inflation System is precisely achieving that with impressive results, as confirmed by Greyroads of Oswestry, experts in recycled metal transportation.

Despite encountering a menacing 6-inch piece of metal that pierced through one of their trailer’s tyre walls, the PSI System installed on the trailer ensured that the tyre maintained the correct operating pressure, allowing the vehicle to remain safely on the road.

Simon Yarwood, Director of Greyroads noted that despite the £300 tyre sustaining considerable damage, thanks to PSI maintaining inflation for an additional three and a half days post-puncture, it became feasible to repair it for just £45.

Simon went on to say: “The PSI System has provided us at Greyroads a return on investment within 12 months. The system has also saved us £1,000 minimum in maintenance per trailer each year after, this is without factoring in other costs to us such as roadside call out charges. The system also increased our uptime and allows us to repair or replace tyres at the end of the week rather than during working hours. Most importantly we are now a safer fleet with the risk of a blowout on one of our trailers significantly reduced.”

The PSI system maintains the correct tyre pressure on articulated trailers whilst stationary and on the move, meaning:

– Enhanced fleet safety due to fewer blowouts.
– £1,000 reduction in maintenance costs per trailer with a return on investment within 12 months.
– Improved uptime by delaying repairs on leaking tyres.

The PSI System has been successfully installed on thousands of trailers throughout the UK and mainland Europe, consistently demonstrating its effectiveness in enhancing trailer operating efficiency and sustainability. This system continuously monitors the tyre pressure of each trailer tyre and promptly reinflates any tyre that has lost pressure, ensuring the overall safety of the vehicle on the road. A warning light positioned on the trailer notifies the driver of the tyre status, providing real-time updates for proactive maintenance.

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