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Celerity DRS’s visit to Benalu

Apr 15, 2024 | News

Celerity DRS recently embarked on a significant visit to Benalu, a longstanding customer based in France. The purpose of the visit was to engage in discussions regarding the latest innovation, R141, and to strengthen our ongoing partnership.

During the visit, General Manager Andre Gerken and Sales Manager Christophe Fenard were given an exclusive tour of Benalu’s state-of-the-art factory facilities. The tour provided valuable insights into the quality and innovation that Benalu is renowned for.

The discussions held during the visit centred around the R141 Regulation, which comes into effect in July 2024.

The visit not only reaffirmed the strong business relationship between Celerity DRS and Benalu but also served as a testament to the shared commitment to innovation and excellence. As both companies look towards the future, the collaborative efforts forged during this visit are set to drive continued growth and prosperity in the transport sector.

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