Read what some of our current end-users have to say about the PSI system

van de Brug International

Why did you choose PSI?

The easiest way I can explain it, is by comparing it to a bicycle’s tyres. If your tyres are not properly inflated, you have to cycle much harder and faster to achieve the same result. The same goes for commercial vehicles. If the tyres are not properly inflated, the truck must put in a lot more work to keep things moving at the same speed. And what do you do when you go cycling? You make sure you pump up your tyres! This also applies to truck and trailers and if it can be done automatically for your trailer, then that is an easy win for me. Many people also don’t know that a tyre loses pressure over time via osmosis – even the best tyre. When you drive away, always check your tyres, with your car, with your truck, with your trailer and especially with your caravan!

What does your fleet look like?

In Putten we have 88 tractors and 122 trailers, 75% of which are fitted with the PSI system. The first systems were fitted in around 2010 and we are currently use Magyar trailers combined with Jost axles. The PSI system is supplied via Ton van Ooijen (OO-Tech via TPE). We drive about 100k km-120k km per year with a semi-trailer, and for us, the cost of the PSI system is easily covered and it can easily last 20 to 25 years. The PSI system is a miniscule cost compared to a trailer of 160,000 Euros. Now if a trailer without a PSI system is being renovated, we make sure to retrofit it and put one on! When it comes to tyres, we use Remix from Michelin and we also have them re-treaded – but always our own carcasses.

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Greyroads of Oswestry


Anything that boosts uptime and reduces maintenance costs is good news for those operating within the waste and metal recycling industry and the PSI automatic tyre inflation system is doing just that with remarkable effect as recently reported by recycled metal haulage specialists, Greyroads of Oswestry.

One of their trailers picked up a vicious-looking 6-inch piece of metal which pierced one of the tyre walls. Despite being embedded some 4 inches into the wall, the PSI system fitted to the trailer maintained the correct operating pressure keeping it safely on the road.

Greyroads Director, Simon Yarwood reported that even though the £300 tyre had sustained significant damage, because PSI had kept it inflated for a further three and a half days after the puncture, it was possible for it to be repaired for just £45.

Simon went on to say; ‘The Tire Pilot system has provided us at Greyroads a return on investment within 12 months. The system has also saved us £1,000 minimum in maintenance per trailer each year after, this is without factoring in other costs to us such as roadside call out charges. The system also increases our uptime and allows us to repair or replace tyres at the end of the week rather than during working hours. Most importantly we are now a safer fleet with the risk of a blowout on one of our trailers significantly reduced’.

SAF Tire Pilot is a premium brand of the PSI system supplied to you by SAF-HOLLAND GmbH

The PSI system maintains the correct tyre pressure on articulated trailers whilst stationary and on the move.

  • Safer fleet as a result of reduced blow outs
  • £1000 reduction on maintenance costs per trailer & a ROI within 12 months
  • Increased uptime through postponed repair on leaking tyre

The PSI system has now been fitted to thousands of trailers across the UK and mainland Europe and has proven itself time and time again in substantially increasing trailer operating efficiency. The system constantly monitors each tyre on the trailer and will instantly re-inflate a tyre when it senses that it has lost pressure thereby maintaining the overall road safety of the vehicle. A warning light mounted on the trailer alerts the driver to the status of the trailer’s tyres.



“We have seen significant fuel benefits with the tyre inflation system fitted on our new trailers. On the same route form the UK to Germany we were seeing 10.4mpg on our trailers without PSI and with PSI we are now seeing 10.7mpg – these routres were at the same time of year, in the same conditions, carrying exactly the same weight’.. Steve also commented on the improvement he is seeing with regards to tyre wear, ‘On the trailers where we have PSI installed we have noticed that the wear of the tyre tread is much more even thus extending tyre life and reducing operational costs for us.”

Steve has been running PSI on his trailers for over a year and will continue to specify the system given the significant savings it is bringing for the fleet.

Maintenance Poids Lourds

Heavy-duty Truck company Maintenance Poids Lourds have recently equipped their fleet with the PSI system. The French company specializes in the repair and servicing of industrial vehicles, as well as the rental of trailers for harvesting beets. Clément Mazuret, the owner of Maintenance PL is a tyre professional and knows the importance of optimum pressure to make the best profit.

Clement commented “50% of my call-out’s on evenings and weekends are blowout’s due to underinflation, that’s why now I have equipped all of my rental trailers with the PSI system. My clients are up against tight deadlines and cannot afford to lose time on a blow-out. PSI provides them with a guarantee against this”


Jerome Boyer, Director of ‘Transports Boyer’, and his workshop manager Cyril are unanimous on the benefits of the PSI automatic inflation system for their business. “We have seen a reduction in tire blow-out’s since we equipped our trailers with the PSI system. We have also seen an increase in the acceptance rate of our tire casings submitted for retread” explains Cyril. Jerome Boyer adds that for the past 4 years they have equipped all new vehicles without exception (Tippers and Tankers) with PSI.